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11:30 am - 3:00 pm (Monday - Saturday)

All Lunches Served with Egg Drop Soup, Egg Roll, Fried Rice and Tea. Substitute Bowl of Wonton Soup $1.00 Extra with Purchase.
Spicy Sour Soup .50¢ Extra with Purchase.

01.* Hunan Beef $7.95
  Thinly sliced beef with assorted vegetables in a Hunan Spicy brown sauce.  
02. Beef with Broccoli $7.95
03.* Mongolian Beef $7.95
04. Beef with Pea Pods $7.95
05. Beef with Green Peppers $7.95
06. Almond (or Cashew) Chicken Stir-Fried or Almond Deep Fried Chicken $7.25

Chicken chunks & green pepper, onion, diced bamboo shoot, mushrooms in a brown sauce.

07. Curry Chicken $7.25
08. Garlic Chicken $7.25
  Chicken chunks & green pepper, onion, bamboo shoot, diced carrot in a strong garlic flavor sauce.  
09.* Mandarin Chicken $7.25
  Marinated chunks of deep fried chicken with pea pods, bamboo shoot, woodear, broccoli in a spicy sauce.  
10.* Kung Pao Chicken $7.25
  Marinated chicken chunks & green pepper, onion, mushroom, water-chestnut sautéed in hot hoisin sauce with peanuts on top.  
11. Snow White Chicken $7.25
  Snow white under sliced breasts of chicken delicately sautéed with black mushrooms & bamboo shoot, fresh pea pods.  
12. Sweet & Sour Chicken $7.25
13.* Red Pepper Shrimp $8.75

Breaded shrimp & peas, finely chopped onion in a red pepper spicy sweet & sour sauce.

14. Shrimp with Pea Pods $8.75
15. Sweet & Sour Shrimp $8.75
16. Shrimp & Vegetable Deluxe $8.75
17. Vegetable Deluxe (choice of chicken, beef, or pork) $7.25
  Pea pods, fresh black mushrooms, broccoli, baby corn, bamboo shoot, Napa , carrots stir-fried in a white sauce.  
18. Sweet & Sour Pork $7.25
19. Egg Fried Rice (choice of chicken, beef, or pork) $6.95
20. Chow Mein (choice of vegetable, chicken, beef, or pork) $6.95
21. Chop Suey (choice of vegetable, chicken, beef or pork) $6.95
22. Egg Foo Young (choice of chicken, beef, or pork) $6.95

Number 19 through 22 Shrimp Available

23.* Szechuan Chicken $7.25
  Marinated sliced breast of chicken with shredded celery, carrots, woodear, in Szechuan in a spicy brown sauce.  
24.* Yen King Chicken $7.25
  Marinated chunks of chicken breast, deep fried and sautéed in a hot pepper red sauce.  
25* Chung King Pork $7.25

Thinly sliced pork, steamed & braised with cabbage and woodear, seasoned with hot pepper sauce.

26. Peking Chicken $7.25
  Marinated chunks of chicken breast, deep fried in a clear garlic flavor sauce.  
27.* Yu-Shan Chicken $7.25

Marinated slices of chicken & shredded bamboo, water chestnut and woodear sautéed with a tangy vinegar & sugar in a spicy hoisin sauce.

28. Creamy Sauce Shrimp $8.75
  Light breaded shrimp with creamy sauce.  
29.* Huan Vegetables $7.25

Mushrooms, bamboo shoots, pea pods & fresh broccoli sautéed in a house spicy brown sauce.

30. Lo Mein (choice of vegetable, chicken, beef, or pork) $7.25
  Shrimp Lo Mein $8.25
31.* Sesame Chicken $7.25
32.* Hot Bean Curd $7.25
33.* General Tso’s Chicken $7.25
34.* Red Pepper Chicken $7.25
35. Peking Beef $7.95
36.* Tai Chen Chicken $7.25

Hot and Spicy Dishes are Printed in Red

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